Key Largo 36


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Imagine the emotion of challenging the sea and the pleasure of being gently rocked by the waves. Imagine an exhilarating power combined with absolute comfort. Imagine the freedom of an open enveloped in the luxury of a cruiser. And now take a look at Key Largo 36':3 adrenaline-pumping engines, welcoming exterior spaces and a luxurious double cabin below, in an overall design that is innovative and dynamic. Imagine the calm and the storm. This time, it will be you to unleash it.



Descripción / Description

Length EC Certifying length Beam Engine Max speed Propulsion System Cabine Weight without engine Persons capacity Fuel tank Water tank Holding tank Berths Draught Design Project category

Metros / Meters

11,50 m 11,26 m 3,50 m MAX. 1050 HP / 771 KW 51 kn / YAMAHA 3 x F350 AETX/U (3 x 350 Hp) Outboard 1 6.000 kg 12 1100 l 230 l 0,70 m 95 l 4 Christian Grande B